The stars aligned for my baby

Spirituality. Religion. Atheism. Agnostic. Reincarnation. The list goes on and on. Everyone believes in something, whatever that something is differs from person to person. That’s our human right. I think it’s amazing. I’ve never really fully understood where I fall in those categories. Killian’s passing has really changed how I think about the taboo subject. … Continue reading The stars aligned for my baby

The gift of kindness

I’ve been thinking about how much Killian has done in his life and death. He has managed to touch a lot of people. What a gift that is. Kindness, caring and the recognition of how precious life is, is so often over looked and pushed to the back burner. We’ve been so directly affected by … Continue reading The gift of kindness

Signs he’s still with me after he’s gone – October 26, 2018

Our little Bean is home. He was cremated in Toronto, and was sent here. Dean picked him up last night. As hard as it was to get that package, he’s finally home, which is so nice. He’s finally getting integrated into our life here, and that’s what I wanted more than anything. Everyone has their … Continue reading Signs he’s still with me after he’s gone – October 26, 2018