Choices; In life and after death

Choices. Choices are a funny thing. Every choice you make is completely unique to you. You have at least two in every situation life throws at you. Lots of people have said that I’m coping with Killian’s passing well, that I’m a strong person. I don’t believe that I’m any stronger than anyone else. When … Continue reading Choices; In life and after death

October 2, 2018 “Baby Smiles”

Not an update, just another neat story. You know how as new parents we’re told that those little smiles at 2,3,4 weeks aren’t real smiles, they’re “gas smiles”. Well just now I was snuggled up to Killian, and he was “gas smiling” like crazy. I laughed and made a comment about it not being a … Continue reading October 2, 2018 “Baby Smiles”