Sick Kids Hospital

The nurses at Sick Kids. Say this to the parents of children who have had extended stays at the hospital, and you’ll hear a lot of the same words. Kind, dedicated, loving, family. Aside from their unbelievable knowledge and abilities, these are the qualities that make nurses so very special. And so under appreciated. These … Continue reading Sick Kids Hospital

The club no one wants to be apart of

This evening I was putting my youngest down for bed. Since I’ve been home from Toronto, he’s needed me to rock him to sleep again. Being only 2 years old, all he knew is that I was suddenly gone. And now I’m home, so he’s clinging to me like a life preserver. As I was … Continue reading The club no one wants to be apart of

The stars aligned for my baby

Spirituality. Religion. Atheism. Agnostic. Reincarnation. The list goes on and on. Everyone believes in something, whatever that something is differs from person to person. That’s our human right. I think it’s amazing. I’ve never really fully understood where I fall in those categories. Killian’s passing has really changed how I think about the taboo subject. … Continue reading The stars aligned for my baby

The day my baby died – October 15, 2018

Our little Bean is gone. Killian died, fighting like hell, at 11:45 this morning. Dean and I were with him through the fight, and were able to hold him for his last few minutes. It all happened very quickly. We’ve been with him today, and just said our goodbyes. Thank you to every single person … Continue reading The day my baby died – October 15, 2018

October 16, 2018

Hi all. First off, thank you. Thank you to every single person who has taken the time to send us messages, to comment, to just follow Killian’s life. We appreciate it more than we can ever say. I’ll read and respond to every message I’ve seen coming through, I just haven’t had the mental energy … Continue reading October 16, 2018