Guilt after the death of a child

Guilt is such a powerful emotion. It can literally consume you if you let it. It will sneak up and make your stomach turn to ice. That anxious, creeping feeling makes it’s way up from your belly, through the shoulders, into your throat, and then into your head. It can literally make my lips tingle … Continue reading Guilt after the death of a child

October 12, 2018 “The Gtube”

Big day today. Killian goes in for his gtube surgery early this am. A gtube is a feeding tube they goes directly into his stomach. This will allow us to remove the ngtube which has been going through his nose, into his stomach, since he was born. I really struggled with agreeing to this surgery. … Continue reading October 12, 2018 “The Gtube”

October 7, 2018

Hey all. Hope you’re all enjoying your thanksgiving dinners!! Killian and I are snuggled up enjoying our evening. Big day in a funny way. I was able to take Killian for his first “walk” today. We can’t leave the floor, and I have to pull his IV pole with us, but either way it was … Continue reading October 7, 2018