Six weeks since my baby died

Today marks six weeks. Six weeks since Killian died. As of tomorrow, he will have been gone longer than he was here. It’s surreal. It’s raw. It opens up some of those deep wounds that had begun to start to heal. I have missed my baby longer than I didn’t. I’ve look at his pictures … Continue reading Six weeks since my baby died

The gift of kindness

I’ve been thinking about how much Killian has done in his life and death. He has managed to touch a lot of people. What a gift that is. Kindness, caring and the recognition of how precious life is, is so often over looked and pushed to the back burner. We’ve been so directly affected by … Continue reading The gift of kindness

The mom who’s baby just died

Today sucks. No articulate way to say that. It just sucks. It’s been a week since Killian passed. One week. This has been the longest week of my life, but it also feels like it just happened yesterday. It’s very strange. I was out yesterday, and saw an old friend walk by. We haven’t talked … Continue reading The mom who’s baby just died