Be kind, always

I was out doing errands yesterday for most the day. It was all very normal. I was trying to be friendly and personable to people I dealt with, but was definitely not going to be winning customer of the year award. I was sitting in the car in between stops thinking about how all the … Continue reading Be kind, always

The mom who’s baby just died

Today sucks. No articulate way to say that. It just sucks. It’s been a week since Killian passed. One week. This has been the longest week of my life, but it also feels like it just happened yesterday. It’s very strange. I was out yesterday, and saw an old friend walk by. We haven’t talked … Continue reading The mom who’s baby just died

October 20, 2018 “Getting back to normal”

Getting back to “normal” is a very odd thing. It’s been wonderful being back with my boys and my family. But our normal is definitely different now. There’s always going to be someone missing in these moments. That’s a tough thing to realize. We went to leisure farms today, and a little piece was definitely … Continue reading October 20, 2018 “Getting back to normal”

October 18, 2018 “Going home without my baby”

We’re home. Back in Sudbury. It’s very strange to be back, exactly where I left two months ago, with no changes here. It’s all exactly the way I left it. There’s no basinet, play pen or swing. Hardest of all, is there is no Killian. There’s no signs of the life changing event that just … Continue reading October 18, 2018 “Going home without my baby”