The gift of kindness

I’ve been thinking about how much Killian has done in his life and death. He has managed to touch a lot of people. What a gift that is. Kindness, caring and the recognition of how precious life is, is so often over looked and pushed to the back burner.

We’ve been so directly affected by people’s kindness. During this time, from diagnosis to his death, and after, our lives have been changed by people’s kindness. No matter how big or small. Kind words gave our spirits a boost, sharing the go fund me page, or giving donations (any amount) allowed us to spend the time with Killian that we did. People giving selflessly to people who they knew or didn’t changed our lives. We were given the ability to spend what precious time we had with Killian. That’s unbelievable.

What to us is sometimes just a small, quick and uneventful action, can change someone’s life. You just never know. Something as small as buying a coffee for someone can do more than you could ever guess. One afternoon in Toronto, Dean and the boys had just left for the week. I had been dropped off at the hospital and went to order a coffee. I was feeling overwhelmed, sad and aimless. The lady behind me paid for my coffee. I could have hugged her for 10 minutes straight. That small act gave me the boost I so needed in that moment.

So I’m going to ask you all to do something kind. Today, tomorrow, next weekend. Buy someone a coffee or meal, give to a go fund me, visit a retirement home or hospital, hold the door for the mom struggling to carry groceries and kids, you like a strangers hair? Tell them. The acts are unlimited. Any act is perfect. Just make the conscious choice to do it. When you do, post over FB or Twitter hashtag #kindnessforkillian (for all my friends who aren’t sure how hashtags work…I’m not either…just type #kindnessforkillian after you type. It allows me to follow along and see how many people Killian encouraged) you don’t have to post what you did. It doesn’t matter. It’s just to see the ripple effect this can have. What a wonderful thing it could be.
Please share this post, that’s an act of kindness in itself, let’s see how far we can spread some love.

Thank you.

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