Signs he’s still with me after he’s gone – October 26, 2018

Our little Bean is home. He was cremated in Toronto, and was sent here. Dean picked him up last night. As hard as it was to get that package, he’s finally home, which is so nice. He’s finally getting integrated into our life here, and that’s what I wanted more than anything.

Everyone has their opinion on what happens to us after we die. It’s very personal, and important to people. This little story may not jive with everyone’s belief, and that’s ok. It gives me a lot of comfort, and no one can say that’s a bad thing.

Killian was cremated in his blanket that we had bought for him when he was born, it was with him in the beginning, and the end. It had small cartoonish fox’s on it. This past Monday, one week after he died, I was out picking up some stuff for his celebration of
life. Sitting in the middle of a shelf that was full of coffee cups, I found a ceramic fox that looked exactly like the one on his blanket. It made me cry just standing there, a good cry, which is welcomed. It’s on my mantel holding his bravery beads now. I figured it was a coincidence, but it was neat to find it.
Last night when we opened the package with him in it, we noticed that the box his ashes are in had been wrapped in a stuffy. The stuffy is a fox.

There’s no way to ever know if the coincidences we see sometimes are just that, a coincidence. Or is it something else? Something we don’t understand, and something that will never be proven. I’m going to choose to believe that he’s with me. That he’s ok, and that he’s going to find ways to let me know he’s with us.

Love my little Mr. Bean. Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow to celebrate this little life changer. 🦊 💚


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