September 28, 2018 “Bravery Beads”

Happy Friday everyone. No big updates, which again is a good thing! Dean and the boys made the drive down again, so we’ve been juggling hospital, baby, boys time today.

The main thing we’ve been working on with Killian is bottle feeding. Never did I think that bottle feeding could be so complicated. We have to be really careful feeding him. As he eats his breathing gets faster and faster. Normally this isn’t a major concern, but with Killian we have to be careful with it. The faster the breathing, the faster his heart pumps, which in turn causes him to oversaturate, which isn’t good for him. There’s also a chance the milk could go into his lungs causing him to aspirate. So feeding time is a process. As we feed him we have to monitor his breathing rate very carefully. Usually after about 10 min of bottle feeding, we have to stop. You can physically see how hard he’s breathing. The rest then goes into the ng tube which is in his nose. Two hours later, the process starts again.

I took this picture today. For anyone who’s spent time at Sick Kids, they’ll recognize the Bravery Beads. Every floor has them. For every procedure or medical intervention needed, these little kids get a bead. This is three weeks worth, and this is a fairly uneventful three weeks. I just love this picture. Shows how strong this little dude is.


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