October 2, 2018

Hi all. First off I wanted to apologize to everyone who’s sent messages or commented on our posts. I keep meaning to reply to them all, and then get sucked into something here and forget. I read and appreciate every one of them.

Not much excitement here. We’re really just hanging out a lot, getting into a “routine”. We’re both making friends with some of the nurses which is nice. It makes it easier to leave your baby at night when you feel comfortable with the person there.

Killian is a month already, which is crazy. This has seemed like the longest and shortest month of my life by far. In just a month, I’ve seen so much of his personality, and we’ve spent so much time together. It’s been so nice to get the time, but it’s terrifying too. I try to stay in routine, and not think about the scary stuff. But when it comes, it stops me in my tracks. The common theme here is that he’s doing well, but that can change in the blink of an eye. We’re in the critical care hall of this wing, which seems strange because he is doing so well.

Congenital heart disease is scary stuff. I never knew how common it is, and how scary it is. 1 in 100 babies will be born with some form of it. That’s a lot. And depending on the degree, even with surgery and intervention, it’s never cured. The life span of these littles is compromised. Even with transplants, which I never knew. They have cases of these kids living into their early twenties, and so far that’s it. So let’s all keep believing that Killian can defy these odds that are stacked against him. The Waddell/Mcwade stubbornness will help.

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