October 2, 2018 “Baby Smiles”

Not an update, just another neat story. You know how as new parents we’re told that those little smiles at 2,3,4 weeks aren’t real smiles, they’re “gas smiles”. Well just now I was snuggled up to Killian, and he was “gas smiling” like crazy. I laughed and made a comment about it not being a real smile, but I liked it anyways. His nurse told me that in her extremely strong Russian accent (which just made it cooler) “I have taken care of these babies for 15 years, and I tell you now, these babies never smile when they are left here alone a lot. They never smile like that. So I don’t believe they aren’t real smiles”. If that doesn’t make you want to hold your children ever second you can, I don’t know what does.


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