October 16, 2018

Hi all. First off, thank you. Thank you to every single person who has taken the time to send us messages, to comment, to just follow Killian’s life. We appreciate it more than we can ever say. I’ll read and respond to every message I’ve seen coming through, I just haven’t had the mental energy to do it yet.
What I can say now is that knowing the impact Killian made on people, no matter how big or small, dulls this pain a little. The way I think of it is like the way you see the sun shining out behind a storm cloud. So again, thank you all for that.

I’ve decided to keep up on these posts. For more than a few reasons. The selfish reason being that this is cathartic for me. I write my feelings better than I can speak them.
The other reason being that I don’t want Killian’s purpose in his small life to be over just because he’s not with us anymore. I want to use his voice to do something. I don’t know what that is yet. Maybe it’s just by reminding people how precious and fragile life is. That, like the Drs at sick kids told us, it’s all about the quality of the time we have here, but the quantity. Killian’s 6 weeks of life were filled with incredible amounts of love.

So again. Thanks every single person for every moment they spent thinking of our Bean.

Today the Ronald McDonald House lit their star in memory of Killian.

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