October 14, 2018

Well, like I said before. This is a roller coaster.

Killian took quite a turn early this am.
He’s been in a fairly critical state since about 530 am. He was doing very well, until he wasn’t.

He’s had to be put back on the ventilator as his breathing wasn’t doing well. His temperature and colour isn’t good so he’s being regulated with a temperature lamp.
He’s being pumped with more drugs than I can even name. They had to put a central line directly into his neck to allow them to give him certain meds very quickly. His blood pressure has been very low, so they need to get him epinephrine often, and quickly, to stabilize that. He’s also had a line put into his artery in his leg to allow them to get super accurate results on his blood work. Thankfully he’s being sedated, so he’s not feeling any of this.

They don’t know why he’s crashing. They’ve started lots tests, X-rays, echos and ultrasounds to try and pinpoint what’s going on. Unfortunately the Dr here is concerned that this may be related to his coronary issue, which may or may not be treatable in this situation.

I wasn’t going to update right away, as I didn’t want to drive you all nuts with my posts. But we can use all the good thoughts today.

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