October 12, 2018 “The Gtube”

Big day today. Killian goes in for his gtube surgery early this am. A gtube is a feeding tube they goes directly into his stomach. This will allow us to remove the ngtube which has been going through his nose, into his stomach, since he was born.

I really struggled with agreeing to this surgery. It seems so wrong to put your child into a surgery that’s not life saving. But I’ve talked to the occupational therapist, nurse practitioner and cardiologist lots.

Heart babies have a super hard time feeding. They tire too quickly and breath too fast. Bottle feeding can easily cause some serious side effects like pneumonia. Also they often get bad aversions to bottle feeding and regular feeding because they get so much irritation in the throat from the ng tube being down long term.

A gtube allows their hands to be free more because there’s no fear of them pulling it out of their nose. That helps with development. A lot of the kids in here get delays in development from being confined to a bed and swaddled too much.

And it helps with weight gain. And we need him big and strong.

The occupational therapist and nurse practitioner said they they see higher success with feeding the earlier a gtube is put in.

So keep Mr. Bean in your thoughts this am.

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