September 19, 2018

Good night for this little man. Slept like a baby (touché), and he is off his oxygen, which is awesome.

Transplant kids get super sped up immunizations, to help protect them during the transplant itself. He had his first shot yesterday, and took it like a champ, didn’t bother him at all. He’s such a chill baby, the nurses are starting to fight over him lol.

A lot of family is coming down this weekend to visit and celebrate big bro Rykers birthday, so I’ve requested my nephews colour Killian lots of pictures. We want to decorate his room with lots of bright, happy things. If Killian will be spending a huge portion of his first part of life in a hospital/hospital bed, I want it to be as colourful and warm as is possible. They’re great here, and really encourage us to be as “normal” as we can.

We’re having our daily “bath”, and I’m administering all his meds. I do my first needle on him today too. It’s nice to feel involved in the process. I’m still being his Mom, it’s just a very different process with this little Bean.
Oh, and he’s discovered that his fingers taste amazing. Lol.

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